About Me...
My Name is Carlin.

Here are a few facts about me. First and foremost, in case you hadn't guessed it by now, I'm gay. SURPRISE!!! I'm NOW located in New York City, New York after living in St. Louis, Missouri on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi River from 1984 until December, 2001.

I was born 11/1954 (You do the math!!), but I usually get guessed at being around 35 to 40 because I don't look it and I don't act it! As you can see from the picture above, I'm a big guy, 6'1" tall with a hairy chest and a moustache or goatee. (Did
have a beard, but in New York, my goatee comes and goes with the seasons!!) I was born and raised in Illinois in a small town about an hour away from St. Louis in a rural farming community. As a result, I would say I have a different outlook on things due to my small town values. I care about people!

I got married (yeah, to a woman) at age 19 (HEY!! In 'Smalltown, Illinois', getting married and being 'procreative' was 'the thing' to do...) and I remained in that confused state for 21 years until coming out of my closet in 1994 as I was approaching my 40th birthday. I do have 2 daughters and a grandson (see below),
and they have, for the most part, accepted my gay status very well as I do! I'm proud to be gay. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's not a decision anyone would make if given the chance to do so. So, if you are straight and reading this, please accept us for who we are, without worrying about what we are! I believe God
does, and if He can, you should be able to also! YES, I'm one of those oxymorons known as a "Gay Christian"... although I wouldn't say I'm as "religious" as I used to be... but God's still one of my best friends and we talk regularly.

I'm 6'1" tall, with a
56" waist, wavy S&P hair & piercing brown eyes, a hairy chest, moustache or goatee, "larger than average" endowment (pic is elsewhere!), and consider myself a versatile top (about 80% top-20 % bottom). I'm a romantic, but I'm
also into some of the KINKIER sides of GaySex... but just for fun.. nothing that causes TOO much pain!! Specifically, Dom/Sub, light bondage, some watersports, spanking, shaving, sex involving food ;-) (like whipped cream, chocolate, honey,
etc.), electro-stimulation, and role playing.  I am seeking my Mr. Right for a long term relationship. He should be younger and smaller than me, and versatile also. Whether he's a CUB or a TWINK doesn't matter to me... Just someone who can and will make me feel loved! I'm very tired of waking up alone after 21 years of having someone to sleep with every night! I HATE sleeping in that BIG lonely bed every night!!!

This is me in 1993 at age 39... realizing I was gay...


My oldest daughter decided she wanted to make me a Grandfather very prematurely... so this is my Grandson, Dylan Christopher, born
in October, 1997 and he has loved his "Pa-pa".

He's quite a boy... full of energy, but since I moved to New York City,
I miss seeing him very much... and I hope he misses his PA-PA Langley!! My daughter tells me his feet are now bigger than mine! I wear size 15 EEE's and he's wearing size 17!!!

My Daughters, Erinn & Claire I suppose SOMETHING good had to come out of 21 years of being married, and that would be my daughters, shown above! Erinn is 34 as I'm writing this (5/2012) and Claire is 30.

We haven't seen much of each other since my mother's passing
... Money has been very tight for me and for them. I couldn't be prouder of them
or love them more!

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MY MOM.......
In 2006, Cancer robbed me of the BEST
FRIEND I've ever had, My Mom. She was
my inspiration, my biggest motivator, and
best cheerleader. I miss her so much
more than words can ever possibly
express. I only recently realized just how
deeply her loss has affected me. Can
anyone's love and devotion ever come
close to your Mother's love? I don't
know, but I hope so. She was such a
great lady! Mom, I really love you and
miss you!
CLICK HERE to hear
my original song
I sang for her at her funeral.
This page is RESERVED for my BOYFRIEND... If I ever find him! In the meantime.....

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